Sunday, January 4, 2009

Look ! She's Already Pointing !

~Look, little Peppi is already pointing! What did I say, I know she was a smart dog. Thanks for the picture Dan and Carol.~

Red Puppy Updates !

This is my little Pipsqueak, now renamed Peppi by the family that loves her !~~Look, she is learning how to hunt with Dan, the new man in her life!~
~Looks like little Peppi and Dan have already bonded. These pictures just melt my heart, and they show that little Peppi is living the ideal life for Vizsla / Lab!~
~Look at the joy of bounding puppy feet and flapping ears...and the intensity in the expression on her little face~
~This picture is so beautiful to me.~
~A red puppy walking through the woods with someone who loves her. The kind of day any person or dog would be happy in, especially together. I am assuming Carol is there too, enjoying the day, I think she snapped the pictures. Great pictures!~
~The DePoppe's red puppy is now named Clifford. Jeff DePoppe said "seems housebroken and he barks when he wants to go out." Wonderful! Look the DePoppe's daughters' face, I think she likes Clifford.~
~And Clifford lives with another dog, a furry friend, and they get along.~
~Thank-you for the pictures and the updates. Makes me happy.~

Friday, January 2, 2009

Red Puppies All Go Home!

~This is little Gavin and his new puppy. They chose to take home one of the little girl puppies. They e-mailed me this and 2 other pictures that make me very happy the puppy has a wonderful home. Thank-you!~This is the DePoppe family, Dad and big brother are not in this picture. They chose to take home one of the boy puppies. This was a nice surprise because Mrs. De Poppe and our daughter knew one another from their home schooling years and we were glad to do a little catching up on how their family was doing.
~Obviously the little one in a mid-action shot will be a great playmate for a puppy, lots of energy all around!This puppy looks mighty content to be held here.

~My daughter, grandson Little J. and dear friend Anna are snuggling my little heart-breaker, Pipsqueak.
~Pipsqueak spent quite a bit of time with us inside last night as we celebrated the new year. I had made up my mind she was going to stay here with me, I was already trying to decide where to place a puppy crate, what name I would settle on for her, and how to go about training her for agility, then.......
~As we were moving sheep around today and repairing fence damaged by our ram, a truck pulled into the driveway. We were not expecting anyone at this time and I was wearing my work pajamas.(What ? You don't have work pajamas?Mine are red flannel pants with reindeer on them.) Anyway, the lady shown here(below) had a dream they went for a drive and she recalls in the dream the general area of the road, and in the dream they drove home with a puppy, but she did not see the puppy in her dream. Here is where the story gets even more interesting.......
~It turns out that her husband remembered as they were driving sown the road that they had bought a puppy from the people living here abut 20 years ago, and by the way, were we those people? This couple did not know we had puppies for sale, did not even expect to be looking at puppies.( Hey, we did not plan on having any more puppies either. ) Well, yes, we had sold Labrador retriever puppies then, and for many more years, and by the way, we have puppies that are related to the puppy they had 20 years ago.
~Look at my little Pipsqueak with them. How could I not let them take her home when they had been led here by a dream? And they knew how to love and train a smart puppy like Pipsqueak and wanted her so very much ? The Heryford family took my little Pipsqueak, and I am sad. I already miss her tonight, but as I look around me right now, I have 3 yellow Labs snoring at my feet. Two of them are Pipsqueaks' half sisters. I have Pipsqueaks' mother, father, and Aunt also....would I do little P. justice if she is one of 7 dogs? She is so much better off as the special dog in a family. Thank-you Daniel and Carol Heryford. Love the picture pf Little P. nuzzling your ear!

Also, I had prayed about keeping her. I was sure I should keep her, and thought her intelligence and activity would deter anyone from taking her home. I made sure everyone knew she was special, and needed just the right home...well I think( know ) God answered my prayer by providing just the right people to drive down our driveway.And my red pajamas did not scare them off either.
~Here are 3 of the Bundick family( above ). They went home with another of the boy pups. The puppy seems pretty content, and he too has young people to play with him, and grow with him and love him. I am so thankful for that.
~Just after the Bundick family drove off,the Gibson family drove down the driveway with their twin boys. The boys were delightful and they have an older brother too. Red puppy has 3 boys to play with!I am so happy these puppies have homes that seem perfect for them. I hope these puppies provide the joy and memories our first Vizsla / Lab gave us as our children grew up. Sugar was the best dog, we still miss her, and were blessed because she was part of our family.

Note: the first puppy who went is now named Remington. She is mostly house broken her owner says.Yay!

Gavin named his puppy Swimmer. He settled on that name the day he was here. I think the puppy whispered in his ear about her name, because Gavin did not waver in name choice!

Happy puppy days to all of you and thank-you very much! Jim and Kathy B.