Thursday, May 24, 2018

Luna & Sarge Have Puppies

 This is Sargento of FIF Farms , aka 'Sarge'. He's a big, handsome , and VERY friendly dog . Sarge could live here any day and fit right in but his best friend Tony G. would never part with this big ol' teddy bear of a dog. ( Tony ?)
 Sarge and our dog , a female black Lab named Luna paired up and now have puppies.
 This is Creek's Edge Luna-Belle , our dog.You can see in these pictures she is expecting puppies.
 Both Sarge and Luna are AKC registered Labrador Retrievers.
 Luna is an avid bird hunter, and has been since she could see birds. She points at birds and also retrieves them. She's been known to grab a bird mid-air, run around the house a few times and then deliver a completely undamaged bird ( and still very much alive) to hand. Actually, she's done this a few times.

The picture above is of Luna retrieving deer sheds. She is also an avid shed hunter / retriever.
 Luna looking at the love of her life, my husband , for instruction.
 On April 4 , 2018 Luna and Sarge became the parents of a litter of 8 Labrador Retriever puppies. 1 lovely yellow female puppy, 3 handsome black male puppies, and 4 pretty black female puppies. This picture ( above) was taken the morning after they were born.
 The puppies grew.....
 ....and grew ,
 and grew.

 Pretty soon they were nursing infrequently but always took every opportunity to catch mom for a snack .

The puppies are weaned now, have been wormed and had their first puppy shot. The yellow puppy and one of her brothers have gone to live with their new families, but there are 6 little puppies for sale. 2 male pups and 4 female pups. This is a picture of the little girl pups taken last week.

It has been a long time since we had a littler of puppies and it has been fun. Maybe we'll keep one, what do you say Jim ?

~More pictures  of Luna and the puppies ~

Luna is a small but blocky Lab.

One of the puppies. They're growing so quickly but are still cuddly.
Grandkids and puppies, best combo ever !

 If you're interested in the puppies email me at