Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jamie Oliver Cooks Lamb Part II ~ Still Brilliant!

I hope you watch this and see the possibilities of incorporating locally raised lamb into your family menu. For good taste, good health, and the joy of life... good eating to you and yours !

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jamie Oliver on Cooking Lamb, Brilliant !

Jamie talks with a shepherdess about the best lamb for cooking. Not spring lamb he says, Autumn lamb is the best!

Oh Americans, try American lamb from your local farmer. Healthy and delicious.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Norwegian Lamb Recipe, But Try American Raised Lamb!

Chicory and her ram lambs.

$12.99 a pound for lamb!

~We raised a lamb this year for our freezer. This is a first for us with my Jacob sheep.I have been selling my spring lambs for many years to others who raise them for the table but could not bear to do this myself.Recently I bought lamb for a special meal to serve my husband and on sale lamb cost more than $10.00 a pound! Given the price of lamb, the price of meat in general, and the fact that we have been raising sheep for so many years it was ridiculous I would be raising sheep and not have lamb for our own table. It just makes good sense for us to feed our own family well & healthy using the bounty God has allowed me to raise. The recipe above will hopefully entice you to consider serving lamb to your family.

As some Jacob Sheep breeders told us recently, "If you go Jacob, you'll never go back". (regarding eating the meat of Jacob sheep) and they were right! The meat of this primitive breed is not as fatty, nor does it have the taste & smell that causes many Americans to dislike lamb. "Americans aren't used to lamb, so it has an air of mystery." ~'Butcher's Guide To Well-Raised Meat ' by Joshua & Jessica Applestone

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bide A Wee Chicory For Sale

Chicory. My husband and I drove to the home of the Bide-a-wee Flock in Oregon a few years ago and bought Chicory & Buttercup from Karen Lobb & Doug Montgomery. Chicory and Buttercup have a truly amazing pedigree ,their father is from the Butter Island, Maine flock which is a very interesting story I'll not relate here. Check out the JSBA newsletters .
Bide A Wee Chicory is for sale. She is a wonderful ewe. I am keeping her sister, Bide A Wee Buttercup. Chicory has an amazing pedigree. She gave birth to twin ram lambs this year and is a wonderful mother. Chicory would be a great addition to any flock. To view her pedigree click here *, Chicory can be yours for $150.00. Sold, thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Z !

Mara , EWE With 5 Horns For Sale

Cedar Pond's Mara

Mara has 5 horns. Two are fused making it appear she has only 4 horns. This is Mara and her daughter. Mara is for sale.
Mara's daughter has 4 horns.
Mara sells for $150.00. To view Mara's pedigree click here * , then click onto "pedigree search", then enter "Mara" You will find her name "Cedar Pond's Mara" then click . Mara is a good Mom, and easy keeper. ( Well, all of my Jacob ewes have been easy-keepers) Mara is young and can provide many more lovely lambs and you never know how many horns her offspring might sprout...her lines have 6 horned lambs too. Mara is sold, thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Z !

Barbarian For Sale ( Jacob Sheep Ram )

Barbarian is for sale. Here he is pictured with his half-brother. Cedar Pond's Barbarian ( left) Cedar Pond's Viking (right). Both rams are sons of my ram Cedar Pond's Goth.
Another view of Barbarian. I call him Barry though, because he really has proven to have a rather nice disposition for a ram, not that I would ever trust him NOT to ram me, no ram should ever be trusted.

Barbarian & Viking, picture taken this past week. Click here to view Barbarian's pedigree.*Barbarian is $250.00.

Pixie ~ Jacob Ewe For Sale ( Unregistered)

Cedar Pond's Pixie ~ Unregistered
These are pictures of Pixie as a lamb. She is a bit different than any of my other lambs and I find her interesting. Pixie has a "lilac" fleece, and she has 4 horns, though one of the horns ( on the side ) is scurred. I did not register Pixie because she does not show distinctive spots. As a lamb her fleece appeared chocolate brown.I never had a lamb fleece like hers. If I had a lot of acreage I would keep her and raise several generations of her lambs to see what characteristics they might show. I am keeping her parents ,Cedar Pond's Goth & Cedar Pond's Ruth so I am not losing the gene pool.

Baby Pixie

Pixie now, 2 years old. You can see her fleece color has faded and appears an all-over color, though when sheared you can see her distinctive large spotting.
Pixie grazing with her Aunt Mally, a six-horned ewe.
Pixie is for sale: $100.00

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bea, my Lab.

Bea, my beloved, easy-going, faithful, adoring Lab. All decked out in tu-tu by the granddaughters. She endured many costume changes and face make-up too. Bea is the best dog ever, and anyone having a dog like her is blessed, abundantly!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sheep For Sale, They Come With Spots & Horns

Saffron and her ewe ( girl ) lamb are for sale. $175.00 for both of them. Saffron is registered through J.S.B.A. ~SOLD~
This little ewe lamb is for sale too. $75.00 ~SOLD ~
As is this lamb, she is also $75.00 ~SOLD~. You can buy all the sheep listed here for $300.00. Jacob sheep are hardy, disease resistant, foot-rot resistant, and smaller than many breeds.I have kept them for many years now and love this breed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thora's Lamb

This is Thora's ewe ( girl) lamb. She is for sale. Thora's lamb has too much solid black on her for registration, but she is a fine little 4 horned lamb.

This little ewe lamb is for sale ~ $100.00.

Saffron & Lamb For Sale

Saffron and her ewe ( girl) lamb. ~sold ~

This little ewe ( girl) lamb is the daughter of Cedar Pond's Saffron.
Saffron and her lamb both have 4 horns.

Saffron and her lamb are for sale, $175.00 for both of them. Saffron is registered and her lamb will come with all paperwork necessary for registration. To see Saffron's pedigree click here* to view the J.S.B.A. site. From there click onto 'pedigrees' and enter her name.

Cedar Pond's Barbarian ( Barry )

Cedar Pond's Barbarian*, son of Goth. (click onto his name , it will take you to the JSBA web site, then click onto pedigrees.Enter Barbarian's name and his pedigree will come up.)

Barbarian (Barry) peeking from behind his half-brother Viking.
Barbarian on the left.
Barbarian has 4 very strong and large horns.
Barbarian is for sale - $175.00.

Viking For Sale ~

Cedar Pond's Viking. * (click onto name for pedigree at J.S.B.A. )
If you are interested in any of my sheep's pedigrees, just click onto the J.S.B.A. web site and then click onto 'pedigrees'. Enter the name of the sheep you're interested in and the pedigree will show.
Viking is for sale, here he is ( left ) with his half brother Barbarian.
Cedar Pond's Viking

Viking , his half brother Barbarian peeking over him.
Viking ( right) & Barbarian ( Barry ) dwell together quite well thus far. Both rams are registered with Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association* and are for sale. $175.00 each,or if you're in the market for two rams they sell together for $300.00.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lambs ! 2011 Jacob Sheep Lambs

Delilah, my half Jacob and half Romney ewe lambed 2 /26/2011.
Delilah gave birth to one ram lamb who is mostly black and is now sprouting 4 well spaced horns. Delilah lambed the same day in the same place as Cedar Pond's Thora. I am pretty sure Thora had triplets, but somehow she claimed only one ewe lamb and left 3 little ones milling about trying to nurse from a very confused Delilah.
Delilah claimed two little ram lambs and they are thriving.
Thora and her little ewe lamb. 2/26/2008 ~ I am bottle feeding the lamb neither claimed, and Cindy is doing very well.

Sassafras and her ram lambs. 2/21/2011
First lambs born here and doing well. Cedar Pond's Viking is the sire.

Bide-a-wee Buttercup and her ram lamb. Buttercup is also the mother of last years' Cedar Pond's Barbarian who is for sale. Look at the horns already sprouting from this lamb's head, first day of birth, OUCH ! Cedar Pond's Goth is the sire of this lamb.
Bide-a-wee Chicory and her twin ram lambs born 3/3/2011. Cedar Pond's Goth is the sire of these ram lambs, Chicory and her lambs are for sale.
They are so cute, it is too bad they grow up into rams. A person can only keep so many rams you know.Anyone interested in buying Chicory will get these handsome ram lambs with her, they can be registered and should be magnificent rams.

Cedar Pond's Mara and her wee little ewe lamb, born 3/3/2011. Cedar Pond's Viking is the sire. Mara has 5 horns, two have fused together making it look like she has 4 horns.

Bide-a-wee Chicory and ram lambs.

Cedar Pond's Valkyrie and her ram lamb, born 3/17/2011.