Friday, February 17, 2012

Red Dogs Supervise...

The sheep get so much attention in this blog one would think we don't really have any red dogs, but we do, yes we do !
The sheep were sheared, and this year was the best shearing weather we've ever had. After snow and an ice storm, I was expecting miserable weather, but the sun shone and it was actually fairly warm. The naked sheep appreciated basking in the sun after their shearing while I skirted their fleeces. I had 3 supervisors who after rolling in the dropped wool, and playing tug of war with each other using discarded clumps of wool, decided to snooze near me while I worked.
Here is Sienna ( center) with her two daughters Willow ( left ) and Bea (right).
They are getting older , as are we all. Sienna is 11 years old, her daughter Willow is 9 years old, and Bea is 7 years old. No more puppies around our place, but when you watch them playing together in the sun you wouldn't know it. It was a pleasant day, skirting & sorting wool in the sun with my 3 red dog supervisors.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jamie Oliver ~ How To Butcher A Lamb

If you are raising lamb, this is for you! If you are considering a lamb raised by local farmers, this is for you.