Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goth's Daughters Venture Out...Wisconsin?

I'm going to Wisconsin? Yup! ( ewe lamb is from Bide-A-Wee Chicory & Cedar Pond's Goth)
You and your half sister ( Cedar Pond's Leah & Cedar Pond's Goth ) are embarking on an adventure with your new family. You get to help start a flock of Jacob sheep in Wisconsin! I am expecting you young ladies to be every bit as wonderful as your moms and may your sons have the awesome horns of your father, Goth! Be good girls, be productive girls...I will miss you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cedar Pond'sVandal

Cedar Pond's Vandal
born 4/9/2009 ( B013-09)
Cedar Pond's Goth ( D021-06) X bide a wee Chicory ( A087-06)
I took this picture of Vandal today. I am still amazed at his size since he is only 13 months old! Size wise and horn size too, he seems to be taking after his father, Goth. Vandal had a very beautiful and abundant fleece for a lamb too! I wish I could keep him, but he is so related to most of my flock....however, if he lingers here at Cedar Pond I think he will find a way to sire a few lambs in spite of my precautions, which could get him into a lot of trouble with his father.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cedar Pond's Ruth

Cedar Pond's Ruth ( A050-08)
Cedar Pond's Goth ( D021-06 ) X Cedar Pond's Naomi (FF025-03)
born 2/4/2008
Ruth is the granddaughter of one of my favorite Jacob sheep, Ruth. Ruth, the grandmother was not registered, and she was pretty ugly. She endeared herself to me by being a sheep that had a sweet personality and a protective nature that lent itself towards protecting 'her' flock. In reading accounts of 'Leader Sheep', I believe Ruth could have been one. I am hoping similar attributes I am seeing in granddaughter Ruth will show her to be very much like her Grandmother. When I see her from afar it is like looking at a prettier version of Ruth. Granddaughter does not have the popped out eye, or antennae like horns of the old Ruth, but has the size and demeanor.

She has 4 horns, but the horns are fused. The two right and two left are becoming as one wide horn. Soon she will appear to have 2 thick horns.

Below is a picture of Ruth and her Mom , Naomi, just after being bathed to go to the fair.

Ruth, dead center, with the other 2008 lambs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cedar Pond's Naomi

Cedar Pond's Naomi (FF025-03) born 2/19/01
( FF025-03)Cedar Pond's Abel (Co83-99) & Cedar Pond's Ruth( unregistered)
~Naomi today. Naomi is the daughter of one of my favorite Jacob sheep, Ruth. Ruth is unregistered and she was originally destined to be culled, or killed , because of her split and popping-out eye. I have no pictures of Ruth even though she is one of my all time favorite sheep. Truthfully, Ruth was just plain ugly. Pop eye, buggy horns, dumpy demeanor and small. Really small. She never topped 60 pounds. Why oh why is she my favorite?

Ruth was just one of those sheep with a sweet personality, and possessed a fierce protective disposition regarding her young and her flock. Ruth would come along side any and all sheep in my flock who needed a protector. Think about it, a 50 pound ewe, protecting lambs and the outcast sheep from other sheep who were twice her size!

Eventually , Ruth produced the epitome of my ideal Jacob Sheep, her daughter Naomi. Perfect horns, disposition, and all around Jacob ideal. Here is Naomi...and I love her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cedar Pond's Leah

~Cedar Pond's Leah~
Cedar Pond's Benjamin (B014-97) X Cedar Pond's Rachel (B253-97)
born 3/3/99
~Leah is one of those sheep I have just taken for granted. She is always healthy, an easy keeper, reliable. Good mother. In recording this for the blog I realized she is 10 years old! I think she has another 5 to 10 years left in her, easily! Leah often twins, this year she did not, but the ewe lamb she gave me is a keeper.
~Leah is ferocious in her protection of her lambs. She has never had lambing problems either.
~Leah has an average Jacob fleece. ~
~Leah just prior to lambing, soaking up the sunshine on a chilly day.~
~Leah loves apples, all kinds of browse and is very good at hogging the alfalfa. She is now one of the dominant ewes , and this dominance grants her the right to her fill of the best of the alfalfa first. I hope she does live another decade!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cedar Pond's Abel

~Isn't he cute ? Abel is on the left , his horns are adorned with blackberry vines! ~

~Abel was oft to be found with greenery in his horns and I wonder of it was deliberate. I don't have any other sheep who will walk around for a day or more strutting green.
~Abel is a triplet, son of maple Creek Joy (B103-92 ) and Cedar Pond's Benjamin (B014-97)~

Maple Creek Joy

~This is Maple Creek Joy. She was born 2 / 29/ 1992. She is the daughter of Pinecroft Solomon (A081-91) and Pinecroft Judith ( A092-91). Joy was my first Jacob sheep and I bought her from Donna and Lorne Pierson. She lambed the spring after I bought her. Her first lamb here was Cedar Pond's Laban. 3 /10 / 94 ( Ao5-95 )
~Joy lived here until her death at 17 years of age.~
~Joy in the spring of 1999 with her triplets, 2 ewe lambs and a ram lamb. ~ ~ He is Cedar Pond's Abel (Co83-99).