Monday, May 23, 2011

Thora's Lamb

This is Thora's ewe ( girl) lamb. She is for sale. Thora's lamb has too much solid black on her for registration, but she is a fine little 4 horned lamb.

This little ewe lamb is for sale ~ $100.00.

Saffron & Lamb For Sale

Saffron and her ewe ( girl) lamb. ~sold ~

This little ewe ( girl) lamb is the daughter of Cedar Pond's Saffron.
Saffron and her lamb both have 4 horns.

Saffron and her lamb are for sale, $175.00 for both of them. Saffron is registered and her lamb will come with all paperwork necessary for registration. To see Saffron's pedigree click here* to view the J.S.B.A. site. From there click onto 'pedigrees' and enter her name.

Cedar Pond's Barbarian ( Barry )

Cedar Pond's Barbarian*, son of Goth. (click onto his name , it will take you to the JSBA web site, then click onto pedigrees.Enter Barbarian's name and his pedigree will come up.)

Barbarian (Barry) peeking from behind his half-brother Viking.
Barbarian on the left.
Barbarian has 4 very strong and large horns.
Barbarian is for sale - $175.00.

Viking For Sale ~

Cedar Pond's Viking. * (click onto name for pedigree at J.S.B.A. )
If you are interested in any of my sheep's pedigrees, just click onto the J.S.B.A. web site and then click onto 'pedigrees'. Enter the name of the sheep you're interested in and the pedigree will show.
Viking is for sale, here he is ( left ) with his half brother Barbarian.
Cedar Pond's Viking

Viking , his half brother Barbarian peeking over him.
Viking ( right) & Barbarian ( Barry ) dwell together quite well thus far. Both rams are registered with Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association* and are for sale. $175.00 each,or if you're in the market for two rams they sell together for $300.00.