Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jacob Sheep Ewe Lambs ~ 2016

 I had some very nice lambs born here on Cedar Pond this spring. This ( above ) is Cedar Pond's Tasha and her ewe lamb. Tasha is a lilac Jacob sheep, her ewe ( girl ) lamb is black and white. The lamb's sire is Puddleduck Jonas.
 Another picture of Tasha and her lamb. The lamb has 4 horns and I am liking her fleece.
 Here is Bide-a-wee Buttercup with her ewe lamb. Buttercup had twins, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb, I sold the ram lamb ( he had 5 horns ! ) and am keeping the ewe lamb. The lamb's sire is Cedar Pond's Goth. This ewe lamb has 4 horns.
 Here is Cedar Pond's Sassafras with her ewe lamb. Sassafras is 12 years old and still having lovely , healthy lambs. The sire of this lamb is Cedar Pond's Goth. The lamb has 4 horns.Sassafras is also 12 years old and there is a good chance she'll no longer be able to have lambs so I am keeping this little girl lamb.
 This is Cedar Pond's Tovah  and her ewe lamb, The lamb has 4 horns and her sire is Puddleduck  Jonas. Jonas is my new ram and I am excited to see how his lambs grow and develop. Their fleeces are looking promising !
 Here ( above ) is Cedar Pond's Inga. Inga is Buttercup and Goth's daughter. Her ewe lamb has 4 horns and was sired by Puddleduck Jonas. She has many of the qualities I covet in a Jacob Sheep so I am definitely keeping her !
 Cedar Pond's Inga's ewe Lamb sired by Puddleduck Jonas.
Lastly, here is Blitzen. He is almost 3 years old and not a lamb, but he is a wether ( castrated sheep) and acts like a lamb ! He also likes to put on airs and play 'king of the hill'. Just like the other lambs.

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