Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Too Many Rams !

 This past breeding season my ewes produced some fantastic lambs , and my ram lambs are gorgeous! Usually I castrate the ram lambs so we don't have to deal with too many rams because anyone who keeps sheep knows dealing with just one ram is plenty. These lambs are too nice looking to wether ( castrate) so in spite of already having 2 adult rams we decided to keep them intact and chose one ram lamb for ourselves. We named this trio too. The front and center ram is Gustav, the ram to his back right is Magnus, and the ram we're keeping is back left, Tolkein.
 Gustav is for sale. He is a twin and has 4 horns. His mother is Cedar Pond's Gudrid and his father is Puddleduck Jonas. He sells for $200.00.
 This is Magnus, his mother is Cedar Pond's Mahlion and his father is also Puddleduck Jonas. He sells for $200.00.
The rams' J.S.B.A. ( Jacob Sheep Breeder's Assoc.) registration is pending. Both rams were born this past spring and ready to begin breeding. And boy are they ready ! If you're interested in either of the rams leave a comment.

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