Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cedar Pond's Gudrid And Her New Lamb

 Cedar Pond's Gudrid had her little lamb 3/5/2017. I was surprised she had only one lamb, last year she had twins. She was certainly big enough that even the shearer predicted she'd twin.
Gudrid and her ewe lamb are both doing well. The weather has given us quite a challenge though, because we've had snow and frozen ground since the weekend after last Thanksgiving. We have to keep moving big boards and panels around under the barn eaves to provide little temporary pens for the new mothers. We'd hoped to have fences and stalls done by now, but my sheep are such good and smart moms they've figured things out and in spite of the lamb jugs held together with baling twine and bungee cords , all my lambs and their moms are healthy and thriving.

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