Sunday, January 4, 2009

Red Puppy Updates !

This is my little Pipsqueak, now renamed Peppi by the family that loves her !~~Look, she is learning how to hunt with Dan, the new man in her life!~
~Looks like little Peppi and Dan have already bonded. These pictures just melt my heart, and they show that little Peppi is living the ideal life for Vizsla / Lab!~
~Look at the joy of bounding puppy feet and flapping ears...and the intensity in the expression on her little face~
~This picture is so beautiful to me.~
~A red puppy walking through the woods with someone who loves her. The kind of day any person or dog would be happy in, especially together. I am assuming Carol is there too, enjoying the day, I think she snapped the pictures. Great pictures!~
~The DePoppe's red puppy is now named Clifford. Jeff DePoppe said "seems housebroken and he barks when he wants to go out." Wonderful! Look the DePoppe's daughters' face, I think she likes Clifford.~
~And Clifford lives with another dog, a furry friend, and they get along.~
~Thank-you for the pictures and the updates. Makes me happy.~


  1. Those are beautiful pictures--melted my heart as well. The bounding puppy reminded me suspiciously of bounding toddler. :-) Same joy, same intensity of expression.

  2. Puppies are so cute and just the word 'puppy' makes my heart leap for joy. I think the picture of the bounding puppy captures everything the word brings to mind! Thanks bilnmeg.