Thursday, February 26, 2015

More New Lambs

 Cedar Pond's Tovah lambed today and after some assistance gave birth to a healthy ewe lamb.
To read about her delivery & check out my stint as a midwife here , Spot On Cedar Pond *.
Cedar Pond's Gudrid also had her first lamb today, a healthy lilac ewe lamb. Today was a good day. God is so good to me, praise him !

Both lambs were sired by Shadow Mountain's Landon Tonkin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Lambs , Good Mamas !

 First born lamb of 2015 ( February 12, 2015 ). He is a fine ram lamb from Bide-A-Wee Buttercup & Cedar Pond's Goth. I am hoping his horns turn out well balanced because Buttercup is getting older and I'd love to keep a ram lamb from her and the lamb's father, Goth.
 Buttercup & her newborn ram lamb.
 The same morning Cedar Pond's Sassafras gave birth to a ewe lamb. The last 2 years she gave birth to twins, but Sassafras is getting older and her ewe lamb is a bit tinier than I expected given the girth Sassafras was sporting before she lambed. In spite of how tiny this lamb is, she is very healthy. This lamb is also sired by Goth. Goth is getting old too, and I am hoping there is a lamb sired by him worthy of keeping for my future generations of Jacob Sheep.
 Sassafras was a very diligent mom, licking & licking her lamb to clean off the afterbirth. This also bonds the mama and her lamb. This little lamb was nursing her mama very quickly , a good thing for lambs, and all newborns. The first milk any mama produces gives newborns colostrum that provides not only the newborn her necessary  nutrition, but the anti-bodies the little lamb needs for a good start in life. ( ALL newborns of all mammal species need this ! ) Ideally this happens within the first hour for optimum benefit. If I discover a mama has not been able to suckle her lamb within the first 2 hours I will milk the mama and feed the lamb the needed colostrum , giving the lamb a boost and increasing the chances the lamb will thrive.
Sassafras was not happy with me so close to her and her new lamb. She put herself in between me and the lamb , blocking any contact and any more pictures. I love knowing my mama sheep are good and protective mamas. That is the way God made them. And really, would YOU want to challenge a very protective mama with horns ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Peek-a-boo, I see you Buttercup. Buttercup is due to have her lambs any day now. She spends a lot of time propping her head up on railings while she soaks up the sunshine.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goth & Tonkin

 I have two Jacob Sheep rams. The oldest is Goth ( Cedar Pond's Goth ).
Here is Tonkin ( Shadow Mountain's Landon-Tonkin). He is a 4 horned lilac ram.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cedar Pond Jacob Sheep in December

 Blitzen is a wether ( castrated ram lamb ) . His side horns are growing too near his face and need to be kept trimmed to prevent them from growing into his face. Castrating a ram prevents not only the obvious, but also dramatically slows down his horn growth, making it manageable to keep the horns trimmed. We decided to keep and halter train him because he has a really sweet and friendly personality. He likes being around people, and having a few soda crackers to offer him only encourages him all the more.
 This is Tasha, she is a lilac Jacob Sheep. She has funny horns, kind of like bug antennae !
 Naomi is my very old sheep. I stopped breeding her 2 years ago when she began needing assistance for her lambings, and raising her own lambs took so much out of her I could watch her condition deteriorate even with increased food rations. My ram , Tonkin, is pretty interested in her, you can see him behind her on the other side of the fence.

 Sassafras is a spunky sheep with a primitive wool coat. She grows a mane , a trait of the more primitive Jacob Sheep. She is a very good mama .
Teekah  is the lamb I chose in a trade for a ram I wish I could have kept , Barbarian. Barbarian is thriving at his new home and Teekah is a good trade I think. Love the spot near her right horn and her little spotted mouth making her appear to smile.

As the weather gets colder my sheep are more frisky. On cool sunny days they run around and leap over logs and each other. Soon I will have them sheared and in late February through April I look forward to new lambs!

I am participating in a  Blog Hop via*Homeacre Farm Hop , and hope you click on this link and check out all the wonderful and helpful blogs about all things homesteading & farming.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Help ! I'm Tangled And I Can't Get Up ! ( Poor Goth )

 Poor Goth...
 ... he is tangled up in his own horns again, and with an audience in the background this must be humbling for a big strong ram !

 See how his right leg is caught up in the curl of his horn ?
 When we go to help him he hobbles up and around as quickly as a 3 legged ram is able to , which is not very fast at all.
Poor Goth ! It is easy to catch him and disentangle his foot and horn but this is an ongoing problem for him. I don't foresee it not being a problem the rest of his life because the horn is curling ever more making it a perfect snare for his foot , which I believe becomes tangled when Goth sleeps at night. All the more reason so many farmers over the years have polled ( hornless ) animals because keeping animals with horns requires extra management and safety precautions. We love Goth and hope he dies of old age here on Cedar Pond though, so we don't mind the extra management But...poor Goth !

Friday, March 14, 2014

New Lambs !

 Bide-a-wee Buttercup and her new ewe lamb , born this afternoon. Three lams were born within the last 24 hours , I have 5 more ewes left to lamb. This little ewe lamb was sired by Cedar Pond's Goth.
 Cedar Pond's Mahlon was the first ewe to have her lamb. A handsome ram lamb sired by Shadow Mountain Tonkin. His 4 horns are already protruding . I think he'll have 4 very nice horns.
 This little ewe lamb was the second lamb born , also sired by Shadow Mountain Tonkin .
 Buttercup and her new ewe lamb.
I love this time of the year !