Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cedar Pond Ram Lambs ~ 2016

 This ram lamb is a twin and son of Cedar Pond's Gudrid * and Puddleduck Jonas*. His 4 horns seem to coming along very nicely. His mother is the daughter of Bide-a-wee Buttercup* and Cedar Pond's Goth *.
 This ram lamb is also sired by Puddleduck Jonas . His mother is Cedar Pond's Mahlion ( Mally ). He is the last born lamb and a large ram lamb. He has 2 very strong horns. It has been awhile since I had a 2 horn ram lamb born here. His mother has 6 horns that fused together as they grew larger , making it appear she has 2 very wide horns.

 This blue-eyed ram lamb is a twin. His sire is also Puddleduck Jonas, his mother is Cedar Pond's Tilda *. His horns appear to be growing well too. I love the blue eyes he and his twin sister have.
 This ram lamb is a twin ( left ) and the son of Bide-a-wee Buttercup & Puddleduck Jonas. He seems to have 5 horns and I am watching the growth of his horns. It looks like his horns will be fusing as they grow making it appear he has 2 very large horns. There is also a chance his horns will grow to have that dreaded 'lobster claw" look. We'll see. His sire is Cedar Pond's Goth *.
 Another picture of Buttercup's ram lamb,
 Puddleduck Jonas *
Some of my ewes, waiting for crackers.
If you think you might be interested in buying any of the ram lambs or have questions regarding them just , leave a comment with contact info . I will get back to you. All lambs will be old enough to be sold in mid May. If the ram lambs look like their horns will develop well and they'll qualify for registration I will be selling them for $150.00 each. Any ram lambs not looking like they'll pass inspection for registration will be castrated.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


 Unfortunately for Thistle he is now simply an amazing skull I have saved to take with me when I put on demonstrations and presentations about Jacob Sheep. I had high hopes for Thistle as a future breeding ram and I kept him and his half-brother Goth together so they could keep each other company as they grew . I was going to see which ram I preferred and sell the other. I was leaning towards keeping Thistle and selling Goth. That decision was taken away from me when Goth killed Thistle during play.

Rams do pretty much everything with ramming involved. To nurse from their mamas they ram her udder to bring down milk for them to suckle. To play they ram each other , the trees, the fences , everything. So one very hot week in the summer when both rams were about 16 months old Thistle got his horns caught in a feeder and Goth rammed Thistle as he was trapped exposing him broadside ~ a perfect target for his brother. Goth punctured Thistle's lung and Thistle died.
Thistle shortly before his demise at the horns of Goth.
Goth in 2013 at the Washington State Fair. ( Yes, he plays with the big rubber balls.)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Solitude Wool roving for handspun yarn

A wonderful intro to different types of wool , including my favorite breed, Jacob Sheep. For any fiber enthusiasts this is a great video.