Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bide A Wee Chicory For Sale

Chicory. My husband and I drove to the home of the Bide-a-wee Flock in Oregon a few years ago and bought Chicory & Buttercup from Karen Lobb & Doug Montgomery. Chicory and Buttercup have a truly amazing pedigree ,their father is from the Butter Island, Maine flock which is a very interesting story I'll not relate here. Check out the JSBA newsletters .
Bide A Wee Chicory is for sale. She is a wonderful ewe. I am keeping her sister, Bide A Wee Buttercup. Chicory has an amazing pedigree. She gave birth to twin ram lambs this year and is a wonderful mother. Chicory would be a great addition to any flock. To view her pedigree click here *, Chicory can be yours for $150.00. Sold, thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Z !

Mara , EWE With 5 Horns For Sale

Cedar Pond's Mara

Mara has 5 horns. Two are fused making it appear she has only 4 horns. This is Mara and her daughter. Mara is for sale.
Mara's daughter has 4 horns.
Mara sells for $150.00. To view Mara's pedigree click here * , then click onto "pedigree search", then enter "Mara" You will find her name "Cedar Pond's Mara" then click . Mara is a good Mom, and easy keeper. ( Well, all of my Jacob ewes have been easy-keepers) Mara is young and can provide many more lovely lambs and you never know how many horns her offspring might sprout...her lines have 6 horned lambs too. Mara is sold, thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Z !

Barbarian For Sale ( Jacob Sheep Ram )

Barbarian is for sale. Here he is pictured with his half-brother. Cedar Pond's Barbarian ( left) Cedar Pond's Viking (right). Both rams are sons of my ram Cedar Pond's Goth.
Another view of Barbarian. I call him Barry though, because he really has proven to have a rather nice disposition for a ram, not that I would ever trust him NOT to ram me, no ram should ever be trusted.

Barbarian & Viking, picture taken this past week. Click here to view Barbarian's pedigree.*Barbarian is $250.00.

Pixie ~ Jacob Ewe For Sale ( Unregistered)

Cedar Pond's Pixie ~ Unregistered
These are pictures of Pixie as a lamb. She is a bit different than any of my other lambs and I find her interesting. Pixie has a "lilac" fleece, and she has 4 horns, though one of the horns ( on the side ) is scurred. I did not register Pixie because she does not show distinctive spots. As a lamb her fleece appeared chocolate brown.I never had a lamb fleece like hers. If I had a lot of acreage I would keep her and raise several generations of her lambs to see what characteristics they might show. I am keeping her parents ,Cedar Pond's Goth & Cedar Pond's Ruth so I am not losing the gene pool.

Baby Pixie

Pixie now, 2 years old. You can see her fleece color has faded and appears an all-over color, though when sheared you can see her distinctive large spotting.
Pixie grazing with her Aunt Mally, a six-horned ewe.
Pixie is for sale: $100.00

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bea, my Lab.

Bea, my beloved, easy-going, faithful, adoring Lab. All decked out in tu-tu by the granddaughters. She endured many costume changes and face make-up too. Bea is the best dog ever, and anyone having a dog like her is blessed, abundantly!