Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mara , EWE With 5 Horns For Sale

Cedar Pond's Mara

Mara has 5 horns. Two are fused making it appear she has only 4 horns. This is Mara and her daughter. Mara is for sale.
Mara's daughter has 4 horns.
Mara sells for $150.00. To view Mara's pedigree click here * , then click onto "pedigree search", then enter "Mara" You will find her name "Cedar Pond's Mara" then click . Mara is a good Mom, and easy keeper. ( Well, all of my Jacob ewes have been easy-keepers) Mara is young and can provide many more lovely lambs and you never know how many horns her offspring might sprout...her lines have 6 horned lambs too. Mara is sold, thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Z !

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