Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cedar Pond Jacob Sheep for Sale ~

It's that time of the year when the lambs are all growing quickly and I have to decide which sheep to sell . As much as I'd love to keep all my sheep ( especially the new lambs ! ) it gets pretty expensive to feed so many and space is limited. The sheep above is Cedar Pond's Brigida * and she is for sale with her lilac ewe lamb ( girl lamb ). Brigida is registered and her lamb comes with all the paperwork to register her. Brigida is the daughter of Cedar Pond's Goth * & Bide-a-wee Buttercup *.
Brigida has 4 horns that grew out and fused evenly , 2 on each side of her head, making it appear she as two very nice wide horns. Her lamb also has 4 horns , now about an inch to two inches each.
I am selling Brigida and her lamb together for $225.00 for both of them. ( price is for both together)

 Cedar Pond's Toril* is also for sale. She turned 1 year old this spring . She has 4 horns. She is the daughter of Shadow Mountain Landon & Cedar Pond's Tovah *.
I am asking $175.00 for Toril. If you buy Toril , Brigida, & her lamb together I will sell her for $125.00. ( $350.00 for 3 very nice Jacob Sheep ewes!)

 Shadow Mountain Landon is also for sale. He is a registered 4 horn Lilac Jacob Sheep. He is 3 years old . He is related to most of my sheep now and I prefer not to use him for breeding with my flock, but he'll make a great ram for someone needing new bloodlines and wanting to add Lilac coloring to their flock. Landon ( I call him Tonkin ) is the son of Mud Ranch's Packard & Rocky Acres Rosemary. Both of his parents are lilac and 4 horned. He is a triplet. I am asking $225.00 for him. He has recently been sheared and vaccinated.