Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daughter of Cedar Pond's Mara and Cedar Pond's Viking

Jacob Sheep yearling ewe, daughter of Cedar Pond's Mara & Cedar Pond's Viking.
I love her very strong 4 horns and her quirky face. I haven't named her yet, thinking of the name Tovah. The name Tovah sounds strong and feminine.I have high hopes for the lambs from her next year.
Update : I did name her Tovah and she has been a wonderful mama to her lambs. She is the mama of Cedar Pond's Toril and a new lamb I've not yet named.

Daughter of Swallow Lane Barnaby & Cedar Pond's Thora

This yearling ewe is the daughter of Swallow Lane Barnaby and Cedar Pond's Thora.
She broke her far left horn sparring with her siblings, but it is a strong horn, as all of her 4 horns, and is growing back out .
 The lamb to the right in back of her is her sister born this year to their mom, Cedar Pond's Thora.
 This is one of the friendliest sheep I have here. If you rustle a cracker wrapper she practically climbs you to check it out, and when the other sheep are keeping their distance from me, this ewe is following me around snuffling my hands and pockets.She is one of the sweetest sheep I have had in a long time.I haven't named her yet, thus far her registration papers read "Cedar Pond's ________".

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Goth The Ram & Thorin The Goat

Goth the ram and Thorin, the old goat.
They are separated by a livestock panel, but spend a lot of time nose to nose. Thorin  seems to enjoy licking Goth's face, and Goth enjoys Thorin licking his face.Friendships have been based on less, so I guess this works for them. The ram and the goat, the Goth and Thorin. Although Thorin does not realize it, he is fortunate the livestock panel separates them. Fences really do make for good neighbors when you're talking about a ram & a goat. ( a wethered goat at that)