Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Dog Loves Cannon Beach !

 I ( Hawk ) love Cannon Beach , Oregon !
 Why not ? I get to spend a lot of time with my best friend there and we love to throw ( him ) and retrieve ( me, that's my job ) tennis balls on the beach.
 We get to eat out together in town and just about every shop seems to have a doggy water bowl out front and many of them give me treats. Yum yum.
 I had to wear a coat this time when I went to Cannon Beach because it was cold. But that didn't stop me from one of my favorite activities....

 ...retrieving tennis balls ! I am pretty dog dang good at this too, even though I get a mouthful of sand every time I dive for the ball.

 At the end of every day I was pretty tired with all the retrieving and snacking, so we would head for the Hallmark Inn where we were staying. They have dog friendly rooms and our room was not only dog- friendly, we had a full ocean view, including views of Haystack Rock and Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. Plus, we had a kitchen and a fireplace. Hallmark Inn gave me a doggy bag with lots of cool treats.
 My best friend put my bed near the fireplace which suited me just fine.