Monday, December 29, 2008

Red Puppies

~Above, the 3 boy pups. Brothers.....brothers who wrestle, snuggle and play together. As you can see, only one male puppy has a black nose. The other 2 have Vizsla noses. ~
~Brothers with red noses !~

~Here is another picture of the other brother....Darrell, Darrell and Darrell ? ~
~This is the only female puppy left(below). I call her Pipsqueak. She is a healthy and very active puppy. She is the smallest and most active puppy in the litter. Her sisters , who have gone to new homes, were bigger and much more calm puppies than her. Pipsqueak was the first puppy to climb and jump her way out of the puppy box. Pipsqueak is the only puppy to have climbed out of the puppy shed. Pipsqueak can climb out of the puppy house, jump and run to the gate of the puppy pen before I can get to the gate. Do you see what I am intending you to see about her ?

Pipsqueak is very intelligent, very active, very agile. She is also very eager to be at my side. She is more inquisitive than the average dog. She is an Alpha female dog. She is not aggressive at all, but she needs the right home. A home that will obedience train her and put her energy and intelligence to work. Fortunately her Labrador and Vizsla genes have made her very eager to please, but a puppy like her, left alone to her own devices for long periods of time, well.....she could get into all kinds of mischief and cause a lot of problems. She will be a great agility dog, or walking / running partner, hiker, etc. But she is a dog who needs an active and firm family, then she could be a dog you would never dream you could be without!
~Pipsqueak is very much like our beloved and much missed Sugar. Our Lab/ Vizsla , the dog our children grew up with. The dog of a lifetime.The dog we still miss, and did not appreciate fully until she was gone. Because we have Pipsqueak's mother and two older sisters, we cannot keep her....but she can only go to a home that will do her, and themselves, justice in her training.
~The puppies had their 3rd worming last Friday, their 2nd puppy shot on Saturday. There are 3 males and Pipsqueak left out of the 6 puppies. Please call us at 360-458-2583, or e-mail us at if you're interested.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Puppies and Grandchildren Play

~These pictures were taken December 23rd.~~#1 Grandson, #2 Granddaughter and (below) #5 Granddaughter play with the puppies in the snow. They all had fun.~
~Red puppies exploring and sniffing and tasting everything.~
~#2 Granddaughter just cannot contain her joy when playing with the puppies.~
~The grandchildren spent the night with us. Time to bake Christmas cookies, play games and do crafts...and of course we played with the puppies indoors too !~
~What did I say...#2 Granddaughter just cannot contain her joy when playing with the puppies!~
~#5 Granddaughter cuddles the puppies while watching Christmas Specials.~
~Grandchildren and puppies for me!~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow Days For Red Dogs

~Beatrix, Willow, Sienna, Mabel, Misty...come on girls, let's play!~
~Oh boy....we're gonna play! Maybe there'll be tennis balls !~
~O.K. girls, now behave yourselves and no knocking me over in the snow. Willow, in front, is the puppies half sister. She and Beatrix are AKC registered Labs. The next dog, is Sienna. The pups mother. She is 8 1/2 years old. The white dog is Misty. Misty is almost 13 years old and is blind. She has cataracts. She doesn't know she is blind. She still plays and retrieves using her sense of smell. The dog in the back is Beatrix. She is Willows' full sister from another litter. These girls love to hang around me, and they love to retrieve. But we don't play unless they follow the rules. Chaos and mayhem , plus BIG dogs is a formula for accidents and disaster. So no matter how excited the dogs get, they have to behave and still listen to me!
~O.K. ! Let's play on the ice. Sienna, Willow and Beatrix all try to beat each other to the stick they want to retrieve.~
~Mama Sienna beats the younger girls almost every time! Where's Mabel ?~
~Oh, here she comes !~
~Whoosh...slippy-slide, there she goes! Mabel is Sienna's full sister, from an older litter. Mabel is 10 years old.
~Sienna slips on the ice as she dashes and slides out to retrieve.~
~She got the stick!~
~Daughter Beatrix and she get to the next retrieve the same time but....
~Mama Sienna comes up the winner most times ! Way to go Sienna.~

Monday, December 22, 2008

Red Puppy Has a Home !

~Thank-you Rachelle ! This little red puppy has a home. I think she has a good home, and just in time for Christmas. ~
~Isn't she cute ?~

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Puppies!

~The puppies seem to like their first venture onto the snow.~
~They are curious about everything now.~
~This puppy comes running to me every time I call her.~
~Tasting snow, and a snow mustache!~
~Half-sister to the puppies, Beatrix, waiting for me to throw a tennis ball.~
~Sienna, puppies' mom, at the far left,shown with two of her daughters, half sisters to the pups. Willow and Beatrix. All three dogs are waiting for me to throw a tennis ball.I have never been able to wear them out doing this.....~
~Mama Sienna retrieving on ice.~
~This puppy is concentrating on another puppy, waiting to pounce!~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Puppies are Growing Up!

~The puppies today. They can almost get out of the shelter by themselves.~
~I gave then a rope toy a few days ago and enjoy watching them play tug-o-war with each other. When Sienna jumped into the fray to play with them. Mommy dog would grab the rope, swing it in front of the puppies and encourage them to play with her and each other.
~I gave the puppies a peanut butter scented tennis ball to play with today. The biggest male puppy grabbed the ball and went into the corner with it. He growled at the tennis ball and rolled around with it. I think he likes it.
~There are three males and three females. I hope they get new homes soon because I am very tempted to keep one, and we have quite enough grown dogs for awhile...but maybe......?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Red Puppies' Health Record

~Health Record of Red Puppies~

The puppies were born October 30, 2008
Puppies were dew-clawed and had their tails docked the Tuesday after they were born.

Puppies were wormed with NEMEX - 2 ( pyrantel pamoate ) 11/29/2008 and 12 /14/2008, wormed again 12/27/2008
Puppies were vaccinated with Ft.Dodge Puppy shot without Lepto, 12/14/2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Red Puppies' Parents

~Hawk and J.B. , the object of Hawk's affection and adoration.~~Sienna, panting after a retrieving a tennis ball and not wanting to sit still for a photograph.~
~Hawk is the puppies' sire, and Sienna their dam.~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Red Puppies

Puppies are more active now. These pictures were taken November 18, 2008.
They are getting so big that Sienna is almost unable to nurse them laying down.
They excitedly eat their puppy chow now, no leftovers.
Miss Marple is very interested in them.
She is curious about the puppies. As you can see, the puppies are exposed to house cats and other dogs, as well as kitchen noises, ringing phones, pet cockatiel, and T.V.
They are more fun to watch and play with now.
The puppies are aware of activity and people outside their little puppy bed.
When it is nap time they ALL flop down and sleep deeply. I bet Moms with a lot of children wish all their kids would willingly nap at the same time!
Grandchildren hold the puppies.
Sisters hold sister puppies.
Aren't they cute ?