Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow Days For Red Dogs

~Beatrix, Willow, Sienna, Mabel, Misty...come on girls, let's play!~
~Oh boy....we're gonna play! Maybe there'll be tennis balls !~
~O.K. girls, now behave yourselves and no knocking me over in the snow. Willow, in front, is the puppies half sister. She and Beatrix are AKC registered Labs. The next dog, is Sienna. The pups mother. She is 8 1/2 years old. The white dog is Misty. Misty is almost 13 years old and is blind. She has cataracts. She doesn't know she is blind. She still plays and retrieves using her sense of smell. The dog in the back is Beatrix. She is Willows' full sister from another litter. These girls love to hang around me, and they love to retrieve. But we don't play unless they follow the rules. Chaos and mayhem , plus BIG dogs is a formula for accidents and disaster. So no matter how excited the dogs get, they have to behave and still listen to me!
~O.K. ! Let's play on the ice. Sienna, Willow and Beatrix all try to beat each other to the stick they want to retrieve.~
~Mama Sienna beats the younger girls almost every time! Where's Mabel ?~
~Oh, here she comes !~
~Whoosh...slippy-slide, there she goes! Mabel is Sienna's full sister, from an older litter. Mabel is 10 years old.
~Sienna slips on the ice as she dashes and slides out to retrieve.~
~She got the stick!~
~Daughter Beatrix and she get to the next retrieve the same time but....
~Mama Sienna comes up the winner most times ! Way to go Sienna.~

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