Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Puppies are Growing Up!

~The puppies today. They can almost get out of the shelter by themselves.~
~I gave then a rope toy a few days ago and enjoy watching them play tug-o-war with each other. When Sienna jumped into the fray to play with them. Mommy dog would grab the rope, swing it in front of the puppies and encourage them to play with her and each other.
~I gave the puppies a peanut butter scented tennis ball to play with today. The biggest male puppy grabbed the ball and went into the corner with it. He growled at the tennis ball and rolled around with it. I think he likes it.
~There are three males and three females. I hope they get new homes soon because I am very tempted to keep one, and we have quite enough grown dogs for awhile...but maybe......?


  1. Aunt Kathy, why do some of the pups have black noses and some have red/brown? Is that just the differences between labs and viszlas? (I know I spelled that wrong)

  2. Vizslas have red noses, but the standard for yellow ( white to red ) Labs states black noses as the preference. I preferred black nosed Labs, and kept or bought black nosed Labs. From the Lab side of the puppies we had only black nosed dogs...this litter of 6 had 3 black nosed pups, so it was split down the middle, half Lab coloring, half Vizsla coloring. Thanks for asking Megan