Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny Love

~This is Cupcake. We do not know where Cupcake came from. This bunny just showed up one day and moved in with my sheep. Our Granddaughter named the bunny 'Cupcake'.~
~This is Cupcake with Delilah, the lamb of Daphne, the object of Cupcake's affection. Or more correctly, the object of Cupcake's OBSESSION!~



  1. Nice pictures Kathy!

  2. Oh my, who knew bunnies move in a claim residence as cats do. LOL!
    Such sweet pictures. :-)

  3. English Cottage in Georgia, this bunny was ferociously protective of his sheep and would jump at the faces of sheep he did not want around! He slept, ate and played with the sheep!