Friday, April 13, 2012

Sheep & Lambs SOLD ~ Thank-You Brandon

I have too many sheep for our property. It is time to sell a few, although I am reluctant about this, I love these sheep.
This is Cedar Pond's Valkyrie. She has 5 horns. Valkyrie was born 2/22/2008. Valkyrie had a ram lamb this year and he too is for sale. Valkyrie has a very nice pedigree with lines from Huntsberger, Puddleduck, Swallow Lane, and Bide-a-wee.
Valkyrie and her ram lamb are $150.00.( picture of Valkyrie lambing)(Valkyrie is Reserved for Brandon )
This is Cedar Pond's Ruth. She was born 2/4/2008. Ruth has 4 horns, but the horns on both sides of her head have fused giving her the appearance of 2 thick horns. The horns on her right are broken, to much sparring with another ewe. Ruth had twin ewe lambs. Ruth is registered and her twins are registrable. Mother and daughters are $300.00 ~ a starter flock!
One of Ruth's twins.( above) If you're interested in checking out the pedigrees of the registered sheep simply click onto JSBA* , the website for Jacob Sheep Breeders Association has a pedigree search. Follow directions for it using the name of the sheep you're interested in.

All ewes listed have been wormed & vaccinated.

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  1. Hey Kathy just wanted to give you an update on Ruth and Valkyrie and Ruth two little ewe lambs I got from you. Ruth and her two lambs are doing great they all lambed for me last year had gorgeous Icelandic Jacob crosses and I kept two, midnight a solid black ewe and Litli a spotted wither. Valkyrie came down with something in November, a sinus infection by the looks of it, but did really well after a round of antibiotics. I thought she was going to lose an eye but it is bright and clear now. Even with being sick I Valkyrie is with lamb and so is Ruth and her two that I got from you (I named them Hilda (5 horned missing eye patch) and Olga (two horned) btw) with a nice ram I bought from Shadow Mountain Jacobs his name is Rio and he has a nice impressive 2 horned set. I wanted to ask more on registering my flock I got the paper work from you to register the three lambs I got from you but I lost it and that was two years ago LOL. Do you got any tips for me maybe come out and see them and tell me what you think? -Brandon Tweed