Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Help ! I'm Tangled And I Can't Get Up ! ( Poor Goth )

 Poor Goth...
 ... he is tangled up in his own horns again, and with an audience in the background this must be humbling for a big strong ram !

 See how his right leg is caught up in the curl of his horn ?
 When we go to help him he hobbles up and around as quickly as a 3 legged ram is able to , which is not very fast at all.
Poor Goth ! It is easy to catch him and disentangle his foot and horn but this is an ongoing problem for him. I don't foresee it not being a problem the rest of his life because the horn is curling ever more making it a perfect snare for his foot , which I believe becomes tangled when Goth sleeps at night. All the more reason so many farmers over the years have polled ( hornless ) animals because keeping animals with horns requires extra management and safety precautions. We love Goth and hope he dies of old age here on Cedar Pond though, so we don't mind the extra management But...poor Goth !


  1. Pobre Goth! ¿y no puede un veterinario darle una solución? serrando parte de ese cuerno.
    Me ha gustado mucho tu blog.
    Un cordial saludo, desde Sevilla.

    1. I believe you are saying there must be a veterinary solution, and yes, there is. Castration and / or de-horning. Since we see Goth every day, we are able to take care of any problems that arise. As Goth ages he has become easier to manage and we can work in his pen ( with a cautious eye out ) with him . We are able to care for him thus far without veterinary assistance.