Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spotted Lambs...( baby Jacob Sheep )

~Isn't this little guy cute ? His mom is Bide-A-Wee's Buttercup and his dad is Cedar Pond's Goth.
~Here he is with his mom.~
~Cedar Pond's Leah delivered her little ewe lamb this morning ( Feb. 4 ) as I was outside in my slippers and robe with my mug of coffee enjoying the unseasonably warm and sunny winter morning.~
~Leah has 4 horns. She is one of my older ewes and a very good mother. She usually twins, so this year should be a piece of cake for her, one little , healthy ewe. Goth is also the father of this lamb.~
~Mama nurses her cleaned off and healthy new lamb. This is one of the sights that make my heart sing, new life and good mamas, little lambs full of the joy of life.~


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the just born lambs. So cute! It sure gets me anxious for ours!

  2. Amy, thank-you !
    Patchwork Fibers, have you started lambing yet ?