Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swallow Lane Torque, back from the taxidermist and hanging on the wall. Now we can admire his magnificent horns, without being in danger of being killed by them. Doesn't he look majestic?

My husband told the grandchildren the rest of him was in the bathroom behind his head..and they looked for the hindquarters! They are thankful Torque is no longer alive because they had reason to fear Torque, which is the number one reason he no longer lives!

Torque is the father of Cedar Pond's Goth, and Goth is still an average temperament ram. I would never trust him, but he does not trouble himself to try to kill me. As long as he remains a 'typical' ram, he does not need to worry about joining his father on the wall!


  1. Torque looks scarey but he was a handsome creature!

  2. This was a new one for me. Spotted Sheep. I thought at first they were goats. But the sound was wrong. LOL

    I have never seen anything quite like them before today.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  3. Shellmo, he was handsome and I still enjoy his majesty as he hangs on my wall, without destroying it!

    Abe Lincoln, most people do think they are goats. I exhibit them in the state fair every year, and the #1 comment by thousamds of people is "oooh, look at those goats and their horns!".Thank-you for visiting me and my "goats"!