Friday, July 3, 2009

Wheelbarrow Baas

Oh, the sound of baas in the morning as the sheep await their feeding. If only this were the only time of the day this noise erupts. No, oh no! Every time they hear a wheelbarrow, and I mean EVERY time, they begin this cacophony of baas. Often, with hay in their mouths too.

Oh, the sheep , in their sheepy brains think, " I hear the wheelbarrow! Hay!!!! Baaaa!!!" And baa they do, as you can hear for yourself. Never mind their stomachs and mouths are full, the wheelbarrow is in motion! Kind of like the response a person gets with the sound of opening a candy package in the midst of a throng of children.

Enjoy our Wheelbarrow Baas!

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  1. The picture on my blog is of my niece's but it isn't my Mother though it is my Grandma which is my Mother's Mom though.