Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Swallow Lane Barnaby~

This is Swallow Lane Barnaby.
He is not quite 1 year old yet.
I think he is a pretty nice looking Jacob Sheep Ram.
Barnaby was sheared today and now he is very naked.
I decided to spare him the embarrassment of posting his nakedness on the internet , but I was pleased to see he is plenty healthy and fleshed out enough for a young ram who spent the early winter months with a small flock of ewes. Barnaby is now sharing a larger pen with his buddy Black Bart, a Jacob / Welsh cross. They seem to be able to work out the differences in their partnership very well and hold their own with each other. Let's hope this continues, for both their sakes!


  1. He is a very handsome ram! Looking forward to seeing his babies.

  2. He is cute! They seem to have such great personalities.

  3. What an Amazing looking animal. I have Nigerian Dwarf goats, and while looking for cute house ideas ran across your blog- I Love these guys and now want a few!

  4. Whitney, check out local breeders and see what they have to offer. Be particular and know what you want.

    I love my Jacob sheep, and also my goats. I do not keep Nigerian goat does or bucks since I no longer milk goats....however I can totally see the benefits of keeping smaller goats who might provide milk in these times, as a real benefit to a family..and for those who are not squeamish, goats provide very good meat. They are a far more economical and healthy source for a family on a budget....