Monday, February 22, 2010

Children Of Goth

Cedar Pond's Goth's harem this year consisted of only 4 ewes and they all lambed within 6 days of each other! This was an easy lambing time, all 4 ewes gave birth quickly and without any problems. The lambs were on their feet and nursing quickly. What more could a shepherdess want?

The first lambs were twins born to Cedar Pond's Naomi on February 4~ a ram lamb & a ewe lamb. I have named them Orpah and Obed. ( above )
Delilah, my half Jacob, half Romney gal gave birth to a lovely little ewe lamb February 6. I named her Dinah. ( above )
Bide-A-wee Buttercup presented me with a huge and healthy ram lamb February 8 and I have named him Basil. ( above)
The last of Goth's children to be born were a set of twins to Bide-a-wee Chicory. They were born February 9 and I have named the ram lamb Chervil and the ewe Coriander.

I think Goth sired some very nice lambs this year!

Lambs are some of my favorite animals to watch and I spend as much time as possible enjoying watching them in the short space of time they are young. Are you taking the time to enjoy the many taken for granted blessings you already have in your life today?


  1. Wonderful lambing season for you - certainly all healthy lambs with no issues at birth is a cause for celebration. Yes - taking time to enjoy the thrill of new babies - whether sheep or goats or any of our critters - their joy in discovering their new world is contagious.

  2. Your lambs are beautiful! Glad to hear all went well. Did you breed anybody to Barnaby or Vandal?

    I will definitely be enjoying all of the blessings in my life today - thank you!

  3. LindaSue, their reactions on new discoveries are fun to watch! I have observed lambs stalking robins and cats....the reaction from the stalkee is even more fun to watch!

    Shannon, yes. Barnaby is the ram I left with the rest of my gals, and his first lamb was born this week! I traded Vandal for Barnaby , so did not breed anyone to him~I am blessed every time I read about the wonderful adventures you and yours have. I am glad you're blogging about them.