Sunday, February 28, 2010

More About Mally~

This is Cedar Pond's Mahlon, or Mally, pictured shortly after her birth last spring 2009. As you can see, she is a normal sized lamb. Her mother, Cedar Pond's Ruth is short and stocky and probably does not weigh over 50 pounds. Mally's mother has 4 horns, but her horns have fused so it looks like she has 2 fat horns .
Here is a side shot of Ruth and her daughter Mally.
Mally' pretty cute, I think.
Mother and daughter are still attached to each other, even though at this writing Ruth is due to lamb any day now.
So you can see from the pictures that Mally started her life as a normal little Jacob sheep lamb who at this writing just hasn't grown much. Are there any of you Jacob Sheep owners with a normal, healthy, but very small sheep? Please let me know, I am interested!

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