Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puny Mahlon

This is Cedar Pond's Mahlon just prior to being sheared, so- named because this line of my Jacob Sheep are all named from the Book of Ruth in the Bible...and because the name that fit her is the name of Ruth's first husband ~ Mahlon, which means 'puny'. I will call her Mally for short , no pun intended!

Does anyone else have a Jacob Sheep this tiny? Mally is a yearling ewe lamb and she is no more than 25 pounds...maybe even less. The newborn lambs stand as tall as her. She also has 6 horns, 3 on each side of her head. They are fusing to look like 2 very short fat horns, but for most of last year they were 6 very distinct horns. ( Hey, maybe all her growth went into producing horns!)

We had Mally sheared last weekend and she is not underweight for her size. Definitely not malnourished. She has been wormed and had her shots. She does not lack for all the alfalfa she can eat, which is plenty.She is perfectly healthy and active in every way. In other words, she is not stunted for lack of proper care. She is just very tiny. Her mother is small, but nowhere near this tiny. Her Grandmother, Cedar Pond's Naomi is pictured elsewhere on this blog and is one of my larger ewes...never , ever tiny. Mally's father is Cedar Pond's Goth, and he is not small either. So I ask again, are there any Jacob Sheep owners out there who have a teeny tiny sheep every so often?


  1. You must have been reading my mind. I was going to ask you for a current picture of her. She is TINY!!! I have individuals that are smaller than the rest, but I haven't seen one as small as she is. Her mom looks pretty small too. Very interesting. I hope other Jacob breeders respond.

  2. Thanks Shannon. I was watching her today, she is just fine. Happy and healthy, but amazingly small. Her mom is small too, but has always been hefty! Neither one looks like a dwarf, and both hold their own in the flock. Mahlon's mom is uddered up and looks ready to lamb any time now.