Friday, June 25, 2010

Names, Names, What To Name A Ram Lamb

This handsome ( in my opinion ) ram lamb is the son of Bide-a-wee Buttercup and Cedar Pond's Goth. I named him Basil as a newborn, but have decided this will not be his registered name as I have watched him grow up. He has grown rapidly and at 2 months of age was as tall as his Mom. He looks very much like his father, Goth, at this age but I think his horns are showing signs they will be better than his father's magnificent rack. When I named Goth, it was after the Barbarian people groups of Europe, etc. For some reason it seemed appropriate given the nature of rams and invading, fighting barbarians.
Here is a recent photo of Basil with his mom, Bide-a-wee Buttercup. I named last years ram lamb 'Vandal'. The Vandals were a people group too and the name also fit his tendency early on to vandalize all our fencing, walls, and gates.
Here is a family group. In front is Buttercup and Basil, in back, daughter Valkyrie ( she has 5 horns ) and Chicory, Buttercup's sister , far left.
Valkyrie and Swallow Lane Barnaby produced this fine ram lamb. He has blue eyes, 4 nice horns, and a lovely fleece as far as I can tell right now. I am naming the son of Valkyrie and Barnaby 'Viking'. That would be another notorious invading barbarian people group. So, what to name Basil ? Why I think 'Barbarian', what do you think? Cedar Pond's Barbarian, works for me.


  1. He's beautiful. I hope he behaves himself!

  2. Icebear,I hope so too! He is still a mama's boy as of this post.

  3. I'd say that Barbarian is the PERFECT name! Let's hope he doesn't live up to it...