Monday, February 18, 2013

Buttercup's New Lamb ~

Buttercup had her lamb yesterday. A Sunday afternoon lamb.Here is the new baby fresh out of the womb.
It's a girl! A baby girl lamb is called a ewe lamb. 'Ewe' means female sheep.A lamb is a baby sheep.Ewe lamb !
Momma and baby are doing very well. The lamb was up and bouncing before she was dried off from birth. She was suckling her mother within the hour. What a miracle, what a blessing ! I love lambing season here on Cedar Pond. ( The lamb is the daughter of Cedar Pond's Goth and Bide-a-wee Buttercup. )


  1. and she is a beauty - I love the black nose spot! yes - new life renews us all

  2. LindaSue, this is especially precious to me because this little lamb has an amazing bloodline of the primitive, proven & practical survivor abilities Jacobs are known for, and I have seen this to be true. I am more and more inclined to keep, breed, and sell animals that are "easy-keepers" able to be raised on small holdings. I think this is becoming the more & more important in these times.

    Yes, you are so right , new life does renew us all, and I never tire of watching the new lambs, chicks, ducklings, etc. that we have here, and I hope I am always able to watch each year unfold with tending the new lives here, or someplace else, wherever God would have me.Thank-you.