Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cedar Pond's Leah

~Cedar Pond's Leah~
Cedar Pond's Benjamin (B014-97) X Cedar Pond's Rachel (B253-97)
born 3/3/99
~Leah is one of those sheep I have just taken for granted. She is always healthy, an easy keeper, reliable. Good mother. In recording this for the blog I realized she is 10 years old! I think she has another 5 to 10 years left in her, easily! Leah often twins, this year she did not, but the ewe lamb she gave me is a keeper.
~Leah is ferocious in her protection of her lambs. She has never had lambing problems either.
~Leah has an average Jacob fleece. ~
~Leah just prior to lambing, soaking up the sunshine on a chilly day.~
~Leah loves apples, all kinds of browse and is very good at hogging the alfalfa. She is now one of the dominant ewes , and this dominance grants her the right to her fill of the best of the alfalfa first. I hope she does live another decade!


  1. We have a Mini-Nubian goat named Leah;)

  2. The easy keepers are easy to take for granted! She sounds like a very special girl.

  3. Amy, is your Leah a good goat?

    Kenleighacres, she is, and from reading your blog I think you have quite a few like her!