Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cedar Pond's Naomi

Cedar Pond's Naomi (FF025-03) born 2/19/01
( FF025-03)Cedar Pond's Abel (Co83-99) & Cedar Pond's Ruth( unregistered)
~Naomi today. Naomi is the daughter of one of my favorite Jacob sheep, Ruth. Ruth is unregistered and she was originally destined to be culled, or killed , because of her split and popping-out eye. I have no pictures of Ruth even though she is one of my all time favorite sheep. Truthfully, Ruth was just plain ugly. Pop eye, buggy horns, dumpy demeanor and small. Really small. She never topped 60 pounds. Why oh why is she my favorite?

Ruth was just one of those sheep with a sweet personality, and possessed a fierce protective disposition regarding her young and her flock. Ruth would come along side any and all sheep in my flock who needed a protector. Think about it, a 50 pound ewe, protecting lambs and the outcast sheep from other sheep who were twice her size!

Eventually , Ruth produced the epitome of my ideal Jacob Sheep, her daughter Naomi. Perfect horns, disposition, and all around Jacob ideal. Here is Naomi...and I love her.

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