Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cedar Pond's Ruth

Cedar Pond's Ruth ( A050-08)
Cedar Pond's Goth ( D021-06 ) X Cedar Pond's Naomi (FF025-03)
born 2/4/2008
Ruth is the granddaughter of one of my favorite Jacob sheep, Ruth. Ruth, the grandmother was not registered, and she was pretty ugly. She endeared herself to me by being a sheep that had a sweet personality and a protective nature that lent itself towards protecting 'her' flock. In reading accounts of 'Leader Sheep', I believe Ruth could have been one. I am hoping similar attributes I am seeing in granddaughter Ruth will show her to be very much like her Grandmother. When I see her from afar it is like looking at a prettier version of Ruth. Granddaughter does not have the popped out eye, or antennae like horns of the old Ruth, but has the size and demeanor.

She has 4 horns, but the horns are fused. The two right and two left are becoming as one wide horn. Soon she will appear to have 2 thick horns.

Below is a picture of Ruth and her Mom , Naomi, just after being bathed to go to the fair.

Ruth, dead center, with the other 2008 lambs.


  1. They are all so cute!

    Wonderful pictures. Enjoyed your recent posts.

  2. Thank-you Bethany, I think so!