Monday, March 12, 2012

New Lambs Make My Heart Happy !

Naomi is an old ewe, but her age has not prevented her from delivering a healthy pair of lambs, a ewe lamb & a ram lamb!
Here is Naomi with her lambs, this is the spot against the sheep shed where the sheep sun themselves as they nap.
Naomi's little ewe lamb. I think I will be keeping her.
Bide-a-wee's Buttercup is also sunning herself with her new little ewe lamb. I will be keeping this lamb also...I have set myself a limit of keeping only 2 ewe lambs this year, while I will sell all ram lambs and a few of my ewes along with their lambs later this spring.I am reducing my over-all flock number this coming year for practical reasons.
Buttercup with her lamb and Naomi's ram lamb (center front).
Naomi & her little ewe ( girl ) lamb.
My lambs are so cute they make my heart sing with happiness !

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  1. Beautiful lambs, Kathy! New lambs make my heart happy too :)